Linehan Artist Scholars Program

Open for Fall 2022 Incoming Freshmen ONLY

The Linehan Artist Scholars Program is for talented students who are serious about pursuing their art in a university setting. Scholars are able to explore their artistic endeavors with UMBC’s internationally acclaimed arts faculty. Rigorous academics and challenging coursework prepare artists for success in multiple fields. A generous gift from Earl and Darielle Linehan supports the Linehan Artist Scholars Program. This is a four-year scholarship, for students who enter UMBC as freshmen with a major in the arts. The Linehan Artist Scholars Program looks for students who distinguish themselves both academically and artistically.

Linehan Artist Scholars live and work in a nurturing environment that includes weekly seminars and frequent cultural excursions to develop creativity and success, inside and outside of the arts. UMBC provides a strong liberal arts education and is home to a faculty of composers, choreographers, directors, designers, photographers, computer artists, painters, filmmakers, video animators, art historians and performers who actively engage students in creative and analytical work.

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$5,000 - $22,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please identify your intended fine arts field of study.
  2. The Linehan Artist Scholars Program is a community of artists exploring their artistic endeavors in a university setting. How will you contribute to this community?
  3. The Linehan Artist Scholars program emphasizes creative innovation, “out of the box” thinking and curiosity-driven scholarly research. Describe your concept of “scholarship” when thinking about your creative process.
  4. Please indicate if you are interested in also applying to the Honors College.