Charlotte W. Newcombe Scholarship

Please note, students attending UMBC on a full scholarship are not eligible to apply and if you qualify and apply for both the legacy and general scholarship, you will only be considered to receive one.

The goal of the scholarship is to support undergraduate students age 25 and older in the completion of their first bachelor’s degree.

Awardees will become a part of the Returning Adult Learners Student Scholars + Affiliates Program and will be required to meet several requirements throughout the year. These requirements are intended to provide additional academic and personal support to scholars beyond the financial support of the scholarship. Program requirements are outlined on the Women’s Center website: Please review requirements to ensure you are willing and able to participate fully in the program before submitting your application.

The Women’s Center will be hosting Q+A Sessions regarding the scholarship application and the Returning Adult Learners Student Scholars + Affiliates Program. Please visit the Women’s Center’s myUMBC events page ( for details.