Erickson School Graduate Fellowship Fund

The Erickson School of Aging Studies prepares the next generation of professionals in the fast-growing field of aging. Graduates move into a variety of high-growth professions in the business of aging, such as:
● Senior Living
● Healthcare
● Financial Services
● Technology Development
● Advocacy
● Policy

This scholarship is awarded to graduate students who are admitted to the School’s M.A. of Management of Aging Services or one of its certificate programs.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Describe the ways your beliefs and experiences align with the mission of the Erickson School of Aging Studies to prepare a community of talented and skilled leaders to improve the lives of older adults. In your essay (500-word max), describe your career goals and what specific ways you will contribute to the community in the future; Include, if applicable, your interest in the advancement of age inclusivity, especially with underrepresented peoples; Share your management and leadership experience working collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams.
  2. Please submit an updated resume.