Organic Life Start Empower Scholarship

About Our Scholarships
Organic Life Start Empower Scholarships are awarded every 6 months

Just as others have helped us along our journey, we are passionate to give back in our community. We started the Organic Life Start Empower Scholarship program to have our future generation share stories of those people who have empowered and influenced their lives most. Empowerment can take all shapes and forms, and we love reading your stories.

Each Empower Scholarship has a focused topic, giving applicants the opportunity to share their unique experiences on how they have been empowered, and how they will empower their own future community. We feel strongly about supporting all members of our community who are trying to make themselves better – for a better future that can be shared with all of us.

We encourage you to share your story of empowerment and wish all applicants best of luck with their application!

Scholarship Eligibility
In order to be eligible for any Organic Life Start Scholarship, please be sure you meet the following criteria:

The scholarship is only open to US citizens or permanent legal residents.
Scholarship applicants must either be in their final year of high school or must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program at a US-based higher education institution.
All applications must include a minimum of 1 paragraph response to the scholarship prompt question.
All education backgrounds will be considered.

2 Awards Per Year
We grant 2 scholarships per year and accept applications on a rolling basis. Apply for the Organic Life Start scholarship today.

First Round
Important Timelines
Applications Close: Jun. 30
Winners Announced: Jul. 31
Scholarship Amount: $500

Second Round
Important Timelines
Applications Close: Dec. 31
Winners Announced: Jan. 31
Scholarship Amount: $500