Last Mile Education Fund

The Fund’s goal is to increase diversity in tech and engineering fields by addressing critical gaps in financial support for low-income underrepresented students within four semesters of graduation. Eligibility requirements include:

1) Identify as a woman or non-binary individual.
2) Demonstrate low-income status, ineligibility for US Federal student aid, or evidence of need.
3) Currently in pursuit of an undergraduate computing-related degree at an accredited 4-year institution of higher education in the U.S. Eligible degrees will be outlined in the application.
4) Within four (4) semesters of graduation (Juniors/Seniors).
5) Currently located in the United States

Students apply directly to the Last Mile Education Fund for:

  • an emergency mini-grant up to $599
  • larger bridge grants to cover unexpected expenses up to $3,000
  • last-mile scholarships up to $10,000 for students in their senior year (tuition/expenses)

Be sure to check out the Last Mile FAQ before applying.